Tony and Lauren Dungy

Coach Tony Dungy’s Hall of Fame record speaks for itself as a Super Bowl winning coach.   But like all of us, Tony is so much more than his coaching record.

After his Super Bowl win, Legacy had the opportunity to meet with Tony and Nathan Whitaker about writing a book.  Not surprisingly, Tony was one of the rare few that questioned whether he should write a book and was clear that he didn’t want to go that route, just because it’s the next thing to do.  We were able to share with Tony that a book would be a way to communicate and send out his message and insure that his words would be communicated accurately.  With speaking his ability to reach others would be limited to his time and availability.  Moreover, as people passed along his message, despite their best intentions they would inevitably distort his message.  But with a book each person would have his well-expressed thoughts and ideas in print that they can process themselves and then pass along his exact words to others in the form of the book.

Legacy took that vision and developed a publishing program for him designed to address the interests of his audience as well as Tony’s interests.  One of those interests was developing projects with his wife, Lauren, who is a true partner in all his ventures.  The results include one of the best-selling sports memoirs of all time along with three more trade books, two devotionals, eight children’s books, and more on the way.

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