Payne Stewart

Payne Stewart is part of the DNA of Legacy.  D.J. began his management career in 1990 when he joined the Orlando based sports management firm, Leader Enterprises which represented Payne Stewart among a host of other elite clients.  On October 25, 1999 Leader suffered a devastating loss when a private jet carrying Leader’s CEO, Robert Fraley, President, Van Ardan and client Payne Stewart crashed. In 2002, after new ownership had taken over Leader Enterprises, D.J. launched Legacy, LLC, named primarily in remembrance of his friends and colleagues, Robert Fraley, Van Ardan, Payne Stewart and their example of maintaining an eternal perspective in the midst of everyday lives.   Payne Stewart Enterprises and the Payne Stewart Family Foundation were original clients of Legacy, LLC and at the core of the young company’s focus.

Payne Stewart Enterprises and Payne Stewart Family Foundation provide perfect examples of the type of relationship that Legacy seeks to foster with its clients.   Legacy works closely with the family to determine and fulfill their mission of promoting, preserving and protecting Payne’s legacy.  Some examples of our approach:

  • We have served the family in helping manage the PSE and PSFF’s involvement in countless memorials and remembrances of Payne.
  • Legacy manages all uses of Payne’s name and likeness including licenses for apparel, memorabilia, photographic images, events and tournaments as well as a world class golf facility.
  • Legacy worked with Garan, Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway company for the launch of a Payne Stewart apparel line in 2008.
  • Legacy has worked with NBC, The Golf Channel, USGA and ESPN on multiple documentaries about Payne Stewart for notable anniversaries of Payne’s remarkable 1999 US Open win.
  • Most recently Legacy facilitated the licensing of Payne Stewart inspired golf course with Bass Pro Shops.
  • Legacy is currently representing the family in the development of a theatrical release movie about Payne and Tracey.
  • Given the Payne Stewart Family Foundation focus on kids, golf and faith, all big parts of Payne’s legacy, we help the family fulfill that mission by pursuing and vetting opportunities for the family that fit their giving criteria.

The Payne Stewart family is part of our family and vice versa, a special bond forged through special circumstances.  But our approach with the family is something we seek to replicate with all of our clients…a listening ear, strategic vision and faithful follow through.

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