Bill Hart

I have spent the past 27 years in the real estate and mortgage industries; uniquely different, but intimately connected. I have been an executive coach with Building Champions since 2003, and spend most days in coaching sessions with professionals in both the mortgage and real estate industries.

For the past 18 years, I have had the amazing opportunity to conduct a monthly audio interview series – TalkJet – with top producing REALTORS across the U.S., Canada and Australia. Having now interviewed over 200 top real estate professionals, I can tell you that are more different ways to be successful in the business than there are similar ways. That said, there are similarities, and when I see them, you’ll find me commenting on them here.

I travel several times a month to speak to audiences about my observations of what the best real estate agents are doing and how the top loan originators are working with the most succesful agents. That is a beautiful symphony when it is operating at its best.

I’m currently immersed in my first book project, “White Collar Warrior – Lessons for Sales Professionals From America’s Military Elite”, where I have interviewed Army Rangers and Navy SEALS to identify the disciplines and commonalities between them and the best sales professionals in the country. I am a student of the “Leading Edge of The Spear”, and love this project. Stay tuned!

My wife Toni and I call Moorpark, California (between L.A. & Santa Barbara) home, and count among our greatest blessings the ability to “do life” with our kids and grandkids. Golf is my personal passion (addiction), and green fairways regularly beckon.

Bill Hart